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Smoking Split Chicken Breasts on an Ugly Drum Smoker

Decided to smoke some split chicken breasts for dinner tomorrow. After thawing out the chicken I seasoned it with BBQ seasoning and sea salt, then lit my charcoal chimney. This time I didn’t wait until the entire chimney was burning but waiting until about 1/4 of it was lit. I wanted to keep the temperature in the smoker lower then normal to give it a longer smoke time. Though, keeping the temperatures low was my intentions, it didn’t happen that way. I should have closed more of the air valves sooner. The graph below shows the temperature incline up to 265 in the first hour. Next time, I’ll close down 3 of the 4 air valves sooner.

Temperature Graphs

Raw Data

# Time Smoker Temp Open Valves Meat Temp Extra
1 6:30 pm 140 4 70
2 7:00 pm 170 4 100
3 7:30 pm 265 1 162
4 7:52 pm 250 1 180 alarm 180
5 8:15 pm 270 1 200 alarm 200

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