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Cleaning my 2003 Pinnacle Extant Baitcasting Reel

I know that sounds really exciting. Who cleans their fishing reels? I mean seriously. Aren’t they self cleaning? One would think so. But after practicing today with this particular reel, I realized something was wrong. Normally when you have your reel locked and your reeling in your line, the reel won’t turn if you tug on it. This allows you to set your hooks correctly. Any play in the line and you could miss a fish. Well, I come to discover this was not the case today and my continuous anti-reverse mechanism would release 12 to 18 inches of reel before it would engage. This would make any sort of hook sets impossible. It was time to break it all apart and clean it. This should normally be done once a year, but I haven’t done so in the last 6.

Below are a bunch of images showing the steps of taking the baitcaster apart, cleaning it and putting it back together. Once I had it back together and tested it, it worked like the day I got it. Very nice!

Don’t Laugh: Compost Sifter Version 2

A few months before I made this version, my first compost sifter was way too laborious to manually shake back and forth. It resembled an like an old gold miners, sifting pan. This version 2 model, while it doesn’t look like much, sifts dirt and compost down to a nice fine aggregate, which is great for growing plants and holding lots of oxygen. So far, this sifter has sifted it’s way through 25 -30 wheel-barrow loads of dirt. I am currently designing a sturdier version for next spring.

Poking around in the garden

I found some goodies hiding in the garden today! Pumpkins, Onion, Carrots, Jalapenos, Tomatoes (which are still surviving!) and my Tabasco plant hiding on my Bonsai Shelves. Since my tomatoes are still going strong, I’ve trimmed back the withering tops with the hopes that these will regrow.

Getting ready for my fall garden.

I am getting ready to plant my fall 2009 garden so I grabbed some fresh compost out of my horizontal composter today. It really needs to be screened and all the organics that haven’t broken down to the correct size will be mulched again and put back into the composter to help start the new batch. Looks like I need to bust out the old compost sifter!

Yakima Kayak Rack, Thanks Craigslist!

After it was all said and done, and after buying parts from 3 different people I paid less then $150 for my complete Yakima Kayak Car Carrier (car and kayak not included :) )

Rigging out the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160i

I bought this bare kayak off craigslist for $500 in the spring of 2009. I’ve put a couple hundred into fishing accessories.

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