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Boat Building

Started this project on Feb 3rd 2010 and should be done by spring break in March. EDIT. This should be done by Easter.

Update. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on the rub rails and attaching the bottom of the boat to the rest of the skeleton. I’m hoping to start filleting tomorrow. All total, I’ve probably have about 10 hours in so far.

March 25, 2010. I’m coming into the home stretch. After a month and a 1/2 of slowly working on it, I’ve been busting butt getting it water ready by next weekend. Total hours to reach the finished bow and stern compartments and glassing the exterior is about 30 hours.

March 28, 2010. I took the boat out on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX to give her a test run. I wanted to make sure the seat was in the correct position. It was an awesome ride and she turns on a dime. The expected max capacity of this pirogue is about 600 lbs. See Videos of the Uncle John’s Pirogue’s maiden voyage. Lady Bird Lake, Austin TX.

March 30, 2010. Installed temporary handles and hatch covers for the Easter Weekend Colorado Kayaking Trip. We’ll be traveling the Colorado River between Little Webberville Park and 969. A distance of about 20 river miles.