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Videos of the Uncle John’s Pirogue’s maiden voyage. Lady Bird Lake, Austin TX.

My Uncle John’s Pirogue’s Maiden Voyage on Lady Bird Lake, Austin, TX.

April 7, 2010: Corrected the Facebook login screen problem.

Pablo Gibson – Videographer.

Dan McCoy “Whatcha think.”
Pablo “I think it will be alright.”
Pablo “Its first voyage.”
Pablo “Ahhh, yeah.”
Dan McCoy “Its going to need some weight in it.”
Pablo “Yup, fish.”

It is estimated that the max capacity of this pirogue will be between 575 and 600 lbs. Twice that of my Wilderness System’s Tarpon 160is.

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Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS)

I build my first “Ugly Drum Smoker” or “UDS” a couple weeks ago when a cold front prevented me from fiber glassing my boat. From the forums I’ve read, the UDS can use about 5 to 10 lbs of charcoal or hard wood lump coal and burn between 10 and 12 hours. I’ll be testing it out this weekend on some chicken. It should be good!

Estimated cost to build was less then $80. I should be able to smoke an entire turkey for Thanksgiving.

I did use zinc plated bolts and nuts, but I de-zinc’d them with a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice (not pictured).

Final Picture.