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Fishing at Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park

Took Nathan to Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park this evening to do a little perch fishing. We had a great time despite the fact we didn’t catch anything.

Fly Tying

Some of the flies I’ve tied. This gallery is updated regularly.

Fishing the Narrows on Lake Travis for Bass Crappie and Catfish

Took my handmade pirogue and fished the Narrows on Lake Travis. No bites. No Fish. No Luck, means lots of video. Pictures and video were shot with a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TS1

Dan McCoy’s Fishing the Narrows of Lake Travis Facebook Gallery

Flyfishing Mckinney Falls State Park

Brian and I did a little fly fishing at Mckinney Falls State Park.

I was using an 8wt Cabela’s Three Forks Fly Rod
Brian was using a 3wt Cabela’s Three Forks Fly Rod

Smoking Pork Ribs on an Ugly Drum Smoker using the 3-2-1 smoking method

The biggest complaint most people have with ribs is that they turn out dry and tough. The 3-2-1 method of smoking ribs nearly guarantees you tender, fall off the bone ribs with out a lot of extra effort. All you need to use this method is to big sheet of aluminum foil. Everything else follows the normal process of smoking ribs.

3-2-1 Basics: If you know how to smoke pork ribs, then all you need to know about the 3-2-1 method is that you smoke as normal for 3 hours, followed by 2 hours cooking wrapped in foil, and finally 1 more hour unwrapped. This gives the meat time to soak in smoke during the first three hours, when most smoke is absorbed. During the wrapped period the ribs are steamed, making them tenderer and loosening the meat from the bone. During the last hour the ribs are exposed to the dry, smoky heat again to form a surface crust.

The Steps:

1. Prep the ribs by removing the membranes and applying your rib rub
2. Place ribs, bone side down in smoker at 225 degrees F. (108 degrees C.) and cook for three hours
3. Wrap ribs tightly in aluminum foil to form an airtight seal, return to smoker bone side up and smoke for 2 hours
4. Unwrap ribs and return to smoker bone side down for 1 hour
5. Apply sauce to ribs (if you want) during the last 30 to 20 minutes of the cooking time

Variations: The 3-2-1 method is specifically designed for pork spareribs and the timing works best for that cut of rib. If you prefer back ribs then you should use a 2-2-1 method for the ribs or they will get overcooked and dry out. If long term smoking isn’t something you are up to you can place wrapped ribs in the oven and finish them off (at a low temperature) on a grill or in the oven. Since most of the smoke flavor is delivered in the first three hours this method won’t affect the overall outcome too much.

The Downside: The 3-2-1- method gives you tender, fall of the bone ribs. Most people think this is the pinnacle of smoked ribs. However it probably won’t win you any barbecue competitions. For many people a good rib as meat that holds the bone but doesn’t stick to it. In other words the meat should pull away cleanly from the bone when you bite, but certainly not fall off. The wrapped cooking causes steaming and the steaming loosens the meat from the bones. Of course, not wrapping your ribs means you run the risk of dry, tough ribs.

From: http://bbq.about.com/od/ribs/a/aa122306a.htm

Crappie Fishing on Lake Conroe with Butch Terpe

Paul Gibson, Randy DeWeese and Dan McCoy went Crappie fishing on Lake Conroe on April 17th, 2010. We launched from Stow-a-way Marina at 7:30 am and caught our limit, plus 2 catfish before 11:00 am.

Texas Parks and Wildlife : Lake Conroe

Stow-a-way Marina : Stow-a-away Marina

Dan McCoy’s Crappie Fishing on Lake Conroe with Butch Terpe Facebook Gallery

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