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DIY Silnylon


2 tubes of 100% clear silicone
1 gallon of Coleman fuel
1 paint roller (foam)
1 paint tray
1 caulk gun
1 knife
1 empty plastic bottle with a secure lid to mix (shake) the silicone and coleman fuel. Adding washers and nuts helps speed up the process.

Step 1)
Empty 1 tube of 100% silicone into your bottle.

Step 2)
Fill bottle up to the 3/4 mark (neck). I like to use a Simply Orange Juice bottle.

Step 3)
Screw on your lid and shake vigorously for about 5 minutes. Adding washers and nuts to your bottle speeds up the process. You want to suspend all the silicone into the coleman fuel.

Step 4)
Once all your silicone is suspended you can start painting. Pour about 1/3 of your bottle into the paint tray. As you run low, add more. The longer you let your mixture sit, the faster it evaporates. So paint fast.

Step 5) Let it dry at least for over night, or maybe even a couple days to make sure all the coleman fuel has evaporated.

DIY Silnylon

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